Your questions are very similar to ABIM board exam questions. The computers, practice tests and the interphase is very similar to real time ABIM exam. Practicing on your platform was the best for my exam anxiety. Congratulations on the creation of this much-needed system in nephrology.



After receiving my board results I must say that nephrology ABIM Exam World is awesome. I am a recertifier and can state with confidence that this nephrology question bank is better than any out there.


Renal Fellow, University Hospital

This is the best comprehensive collection of nephrology board questions out there. I had subscribed to ABIM Exam World 2 months before my exams. I spent 1 hour per day for 2 months reviewing the contents and questions of this Q bank. I was not only able to pass but scored very well on my exam. Highly recommend it.


Nephrologist, Recertifier
New York

Awesome answer information on hundreds of ABIM style questions. The answers are elaborate and contain so much ABIM exam pertinent information that help from text books or other sources is barely needed to pass the ABIM Nephrology Board Exams. Would recommend the Q bank without a doubt!!


Academic Nephrologist, Singapore

Phenomenal nephrology question bank. I like the nephrology questions categorized as ARF, CKD, ESRD, HTN, ACID-BASE etc.. Very good training tool for residents / fellows and practicing nephrologists as well.


ABIM Nephrology certification exam
Over the last 2 years it appears that ABIM exam world has become widely recognized as the gold standard in nephrology board exams with the ABIM Exam World nephrology question bank being one of the best.